Tramtadarova dobrodružství (Adventures of Tramtadar)

Divadlo Polárka (2018)

director: adam steinbauer

work on wooden puppets

asistance of scenography with magdalena teleky


Oblaky (Clouds) Aristofanes

school project (2019)

direction: anna prstkova, eva lietavova

scenography with judita mejstrikova



Zpověď bachaře (Confession of the screw)

Divadlo Líšeň 2021

masks and costumes




relaxxx brothers 2020

my bachalor project

An evening event, live-cinema-puppet-object performance inspired by a story about two brothers, Atreus and Thyestes. A cruel vengeance even in compare with ancient dramatic texts. The story which is rarerly produced has became a basement for a group the Relax brothers.

An audience or readers are forced to endure a time before a felony in a Thraceish style, because of the story predestination. When everything is finally accomplished we can have a relaxxx.

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